The heart of non-attachment

Komplex men intressant!

Jag har transkriberat en del från vad han säger. Jag tycker det är komplex så jag behöver läsa det om och om igen.

One of the terms in spiritual practice that is so misleading is this idea of non-attachment. So many times people hear the word non-attachment and they think kind of disassociation; “I am not going to be attached to how things are, nothing moves me” and you walk around like a zombie. …

But actually things don’t really work that way. Non-attachment does not mean just not being attached to your bicycle or your apartment or your bank account.

Non-attachment means not clinging to fixed ideas. Not clinging to the way you think things should be. But actually opening to the way things really are. I would translate non-attachment as engagement. Non-attachment is a deep intimacy to see the way everything leans in to everything else. To wake up to the inherent interconnection of all things. But to do it in a way that is non-attached. So not to open up to the interconnectivness of things and say ohh so this is the interconnectivness of things – right there you have lost it.

This is really the heart of non-attachment is this deep engagement and it comes from this term yoga.

I like to translate yoga into intimacy. Beacuase it is not something you do.

You don’t do intimacy. In fact, intimacy is the byproduct of giving up fixed views of the way things are.
Fixed and rigid ideas are really the enemy of intimacy. It is really what shuts down relationship.
And because we are living at a time where we don’t need anymore ideology and philosophy. What we really need is a way to let go and to drop in to the truth of how things are: Economically, emotionally, ecologically and socially. And that includes both what is beautiful and also what is devastating. It means opening up to the fact that this world is stunningly beautiful and also a total catastrophe.
And how to hold both. How to hold both. How to open up to the joyous of being alive and also to the suffering that is inherent in being in a body and being in a body that is aging and being in a world right now that really needs our help.

So I think we need to re-imaginge this idea of non-attachment as a practice of not clinging to fixed ideas so that we can be engaged with the world. The world needs us. And our actions make a difference. So how do we re-think spiritual practice not as trying to transcend, not as being dissociated, not as witnesses of our lives but as being totally immersed  in life.

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